We create customized guided tours in Lebanon and abroad charged with interactive learning experiences. We focus on history, archeology, nature, cultural exchange, heritage, and entertainment. Programs are adapted to different audiences, age groups and backgrounds. They are based on authentic, hands-on experiential learning combining leisure, education, culture and eco-tourism

Programs could be limited to or a combination of:

Cultural, historical & ecotourism tours

covering archeological sites, grottos, museums, cultural sites and natural reserves.

Engaging Workshops

including craft activities such as mosaics, painting, and pottery, activities with local communities, culinary arts agro-tourism and more.

Trainings & programs

designed to share our knowledge and train teachers and professionals in the field covering several topics from which citizenship, cultural heritage, archeology and history, civilizations and more.

Regional and international tours and programs with similar objectives are customized on demand.

Who can benefit from our tours?

Students & Teachers

Our educational tours aim to augment classroom lessons, illustrate difficult concepts with hands-on learning while reinforcing intercultural exchange by gaining new perspectives on the world.

Families & Friends

You don’t have to travel far for adventure or to find rich cultural experiences. Our customized tours ensure that all group members are engaged, learning and having fun!

Tourists & Expats

Exploring Lebanon can be a thrilling yet overwhelming once a lifetime trip. We’ve created programs that allow you to experience the beauty, diversity and richness of the country while making lifelong memories.


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